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Website Analytics Services

Now you can accurately measure performance and get a deep insight on you users with a custom and powerful web analytics strategy in place from WebTecMart team.

Website Analytics

Website Analytics

Now you can accurately measure performance and get a deep insight on you users with a custom and powerful web analytics strategy in place from WebTecMart team. Our analytics works across platforms, improving the experience of your prospective and existing customers.

It analyses

  • Quantitative Websites
  • Qualitative Websites
  • App data

Improve your digital offering, as you know exactly what is going on in the app and on-site. Take actions that meet your business objectives and drive the establishment forward.

Our website analytics services list

Account strategy: We at WebTecMart verify the account implementation, account properties, and ensure correct structuring of views. This helps to silo data for its future analysis. Other related services include goal creation, personal dashboard, customer reporting, and E-Commerce tracking.

Data verification: We at WebTecMart verify the recorded data to ensure its usability for analytical purposes. Full audits of existing data make you confident of the recorded figures. Now the information that you have is fully verified and relevant.

Measurement models: What are your business objectives? How are you going to measure them accurately? Our analytics services will help you analyze the demands of your business against the industry standards. It will gauge the consumer behavior and enable you to improve your approach.

Consumer behavior: Why is the visitor on your site? What are their actions during their presence? We at WebTecMart give you the full picture. Our team uses analytical knowledge to plot the visitor's journey onsite. Ultimately, the aim is to meet expectations.

App mobile activity: We also keep track data on your mobile apps. Our analytics matrix provides a wealth of data for your use. You gain insight into your market and consumer behavior to create better applications that sell.

Data troubleshooting: Incorrect tracking or incomplete implementation of leads to poor data analytics received from mobile app or website. Our fully qualified team spots the reasons for this data discrepancy and suggests quick fix solutions that work!

Ongoing report: Ongoing reports keep you on the track. We provide regular, clear reports to web and mobile site owners. Besides generating monthly documents, we also produce on demand reports as per the client requirements.

Trend analysis: What is the user behavior? Our analysts will use historical information to identify patterns. Based on that, we suggest necessary actions. This way, your business will be able to capitalize on future predicted outcomes.

Attribution: Multi-channel world makes accurate conversion attribution difficult. Using site objectives and journey typical profiles, we will show you the various attribution outcome models. Implement using channel reports.

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