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Mobile Responsive Design

Responsive Web Design Agency

There are multitudes of websites over internet and its impossible to remember the layout, colour and product description of each but rarely some sites grasps the customer’s. Since there isn’t a rulebook by which each website should be designed, Web Tec Mart based in New Delhi closely follows the important components that are a must for a smooth and successfully good website with a balanced combination of all the required attributes.

For instance: a brief information of its products, visually appealing, proper contact channels, visitor engagement, load speed, mobile compatibility, user experience, brand voice, SEO, social media links etc.

Mobile Responsive Design

Web Tec Mart based in New Delhi designs responsive websites that automatically adjusts to screen size and device i.e. smartphones and iPad. Making sure no problems arise due to the lack of loading speed or looking equally presentable in any sort of screen as visitors could access your website from their smartphones, iPads or laptop. We do not know for sure what gadget our visitors use to visit our site, so we need to be ahead of the game and make it mobile responsive design that’ll please the eyes of visitors accessing your site from any device.

Benefits of Responsive Website Designing:

There are currently more mobile devices on earth than people. If their experience of viewing and interacting with your site is poor, they will likely have a poor image of your brand, and they will also be more likely to visit a competitor's site.

  • Social media increases mobile visitors: More than 55% of social media usage now occurs on mobile devices, so sharing links from social media sites like Facebook, YouTube or Twitter to your website will drive even more traffic and views of your website from mobile devices.
  • Responsive website improves SEO rankings
  • Responsive websites adapt to the sizes of multiple devices
  • A site is easier to manage and increases ROI
  • Responsive sites provide a better user experience
  • Responsive website generates more mobile traffic
  • A responsive design website is easy to maintain
  • Creating responsive websites costs less

User Experience

The UX Design by Web Tec Mart based in New Delhi will improve the interaction between your website and your users. The result of a good UX Design is a better customer retention rate. In physical commerce, brand experience and engagement are the main drivers of loyalty. E-commerce is no different. Design, atmosphere, speed and functionality are all pillars of a good user experience in an e-shop. Concretely being clear, accessible, easy to "use" and focused not on your business, but on the user.


Visually Pleasing Website

The aesthetic work done on a site is not enough. Web ergonomics is essential to obtain a good website. Your site must adapt to your users so that they can use it easily and want to come back to it. However, satisfying its users is a difficult gamble to reach. It is important to take care of the appearance of your site, to retain the attention of Internet users and thus make them want to stay. Users are interested in easily navigable sites without much pop-ups and auto-play ads. SEO friendly sites by Web Tec Mart will keep the visitor engaged with the information regarding products or service they are looking for.


Stay Current

Your website should be evolving just as the internet is; we help keep your site up to date with the latest relevant news and topics.


Keyword placement

Keyword generation isn’t as complicated as you may think it is, as it basically means to choose, we prioritize and represent the words that are applicable to your product/service. If your field of business is popular then it is advisable to be specific. Example: “Tennis rachet” instead of “sports equipment”.


URL Links that Include Key Phrases

When you search google for something specific, you get a drop down suggestion and a list appears as your search result. The first pages are popularly sought out sights with your keyword in their web address and the other that follow will have your keyword search in their webpage URL address.


SEO boosts your growth

By increasing traffic to your site from the search engines, these many more visitors will turn into buyers. When you have a strong digital presence, boosted by WebTecMart based in New Delhi, you give your business every chance to grow quickly !

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